“Begin, be bold and venture to be wise.” Horace.

When I first sat down to write this article, I spent some time Googling “Women’s issues in Australia”.  After all, I wanted my content to be relevant.  Several hours and many websites later, I realized that I was wasting time. Regardless of our accents or use of the letters “s” and “z”, we are the same.   Just like you, I have wondered if the price I have been quoted for a car is fair, and I have left a hardware store wondering if this is really the right tool for the job.  And every time I find myself in one of these situations I am disappointed that I am not – Smarter – No, I am smart.  More like a man – heavens no.    Bold – that’s the word.  Not bossy, not brash, bold.

Bold is standing up for yourself because it is the right thing to do – no matter what others may think.    Bold is asking for the discount.  Bold is asking for the raise.  Bold is asking for help.  Bold is asking for clarification.   I wish I had been bolder.

A few years ago, I bought a Front Load Washer/Dryer set.   As soon as they were delivered, I grabbed the 10 pairs of jeans that I had been holding all week to see if they would really fit in the new machine, and they did!   I added soap, pressed start and voila!  About 10 minutes into the wash, I heard a noise and then felt a shake.  My new washing machine was dancing across my laundry room floor.  I could not believe they did not balance it properly!  I immediately called the repair line and asked to have someone come out.  The next day the repair man came out, tinkered a little and told me, the machines were fine; he made a small adjustment but said I should watch the size of the loads.  Maybe only 8 pair of jeans next time?  Still better than what I could do before.

I can only tell you that this story repeated itself every 2 months for the three years that my machines were under warranty.   I would call and ask to have the machines balanced.  They would send the same repair person.  He would tinker, the machines would still shake.  I heard so many excuses and here were my favorites:  “These machines all do it.  Front loaders are like aircraft engines, when they hit the spin cycle it tries to take off.”  “Be happy you don’t have tile in here, they really move on tile.”  “The problem is not the machine, it’s your floors. You need to have a contractor come out and reinforce the supports under your laundry room.”   Needless to say, I learned to live with a house shaking spin cycle.

Three months ago, I called again – my machines have been out of warranty for 2 years but I really need to have them balanced.  This time, they told me it takes 2 people to balance this type of machine and they would be happy to arrange it – for a 2 person fee!   I was so frustrated!   When my machine was under warranty, and they were paying for it, they never sent two people.  No wonder it was never fixed!   

Now I am getting ready to remodel my kitchen and I assure you, this will not happen to me again.  I am going to ask for discounts, hold installation crews accountable, insist that things work the way they should – no matter how many repair people I frustrate and, I am not going back to that store. 

Join me.  Be Bold.


Sybll Romely
Female Friendly Head Office, Denver, Colorado, USA