Most businesses agree that word of mouth is by far the most popular way of increasing customers through the door which of course, leads to increased bottom line.

Women love to talk. Women have 4 times as many connectors between their right and left brain which causes them to be better at bonding and communication.  So really, women just can’t help it!

Women certainly are the biggest influence when it comes to where their friends and family shop.  Especially trades and services, you will find that word of mouth is by far their most popular form of traffic.  With the introduction over the past few years of social media, the word of mouth influence has sky rocketed between women!

Female Friendly has harnessed this power by creating a directory of businesses that are used and recommended by women.  Women tend to listen to each other more than most advertising out there as the unspoken sisterhood in all communities is a powerful and trusted guide when it comes to spending their money.   For women in a new town or looking for a business that they can refer to, the Female FriendlyDirectory of Recommended businesses allows women to read testimonials from other women’s personal experiences which in turn saves them a lot of time shopping around with their fingers crossed.

Next time you happen to be near a school car park after school or even next to a bunch of women waiting to go into a movie cinema, just listen to the familiar conversations that they share.  These busy, verbal exchanges are not just gossip, but an absolute reference point and guide to all aspects of their lives.

You can read more referrals from these women relating to personal experiences with the Female Friendly Recommended businesses in their local area by visiting