Did you know that we are exposed to 3500 and 5000 marketing messages a day? TV, Internet, Signposts, Radio even the logos that float around our home on the products we buy!  Now with so much social media we interact with every day and night, I’m sure that advertising has grown even more!

Of course, with so many thousands of messages floating past us every day, you must wonder how on earth we don’t get overwhelmed and start planning our ‘Escape to the Country’!  Luckily for us, our clever minds are programmed to single out the information that is relevant to us and the lives that we, specifically, are living.

For example, a young man driving home from work would probably notice and remember the huge billboard that is advertising the upcoming Car Race around the city which promises all the potential excitement he can get involved with, yet  a mother with a car full of children could travel the same road and not notice the huge sign at all yet she will spot a sign on a supermarket window  saying “Nappies 50% off”!  The advertisement promoting the upcoming Car Race would go totally unnoticed.  Needless to say, even if you pushed that same young man we talked about a moment ago, right up to the window of the supermarket, he is more likely to notice the model and style of the cars in the car park than that “Nappies 50% off ” sign.  Are you getting the idea?

Our eyes and minds cipher through all these messages in seconds and draw our attention to the messages that a relevant to us.  When you are pregnant, all of a sudden there are pregnant women everywhere.  If you decide that there is a certain car model you want to buy, suddenly they seem to stop beside you at every traffic light. We see what are focused on and we see what we can relate to  in our lives.

This is why the Female Friendly symbol has become so recognisable.  Obviously for women, the shield and pink tick on a building with the words ‘Female Friendly Accredited’ will draw her attention to the business as it represents a symbol that is relevant to her life and choices.  For the men who see this symbol, they find themselves also drawn to it as most have women in their lives they care for.  They understand that these businesses will help him direct those women in their wives, daughters, mothers or sisters to places who will treat them with the respect and safety he wants for them.

So for all those Accredited Female Friendly businesses out there, get that Shield up on your shop front!  Don’t underestimate the subconscious message that will be filtered and picked up by so many that pass by every day and let them know that you are a business that recognises the importance of respect and excellent customer service!