70 PER CENT!! (Survey by BCG)  That’s Huge!! When it comes to so many products on the market today, clever companies around the world are a step ahead with aiming their promotions at the female consumer.  Despite marketers around the world becoming more and more aware of the female demographics’ spending power and influence, women are still feeling misunderstood and ignored by most services and product companies.

Influencing 91% of home purchases, 65% of new cars bought, 80% of health care choices and even 66% of computers – women are certainly spending, but to many, the experiences that they are getting in the businesses are leaving so many with stories of disappointment.

With businesses not understanding the needs and wants of such an important demographic, they are missing out on huge potential profits every year!

Female Friendly is on a mission to educate businesses that are missing out on this traffic due to simple things that could not only cater for and gain the respect of their female customers, but also give them the recognition that brings more consumers through their doors.