The length of this article could out-number the pages of the good ol’ Yellow Pages if we were to write all the things that women want – so, to name a few, let’s look at how the world’s most powerful spending demographic would really like to be treated when in a business.

Times have changed when it comes to traditional roles of women.  They no longer fit into one simple stereotype of finish school, get married, have children, go back to work etc.  They now manage it all in no particular order.  Women can have a career and start families when they are 40, they can be a single mother managing a family alone while juggling work, they can be working from home with no children or a successful business woman in her 20’s!  There are no rules today so be very careful what demographic you put her into when she walks into your store!

Remember, a woman rarely shops for herself alone.  When buying a car, she is thinking about how it will fit her family. When buying groceries, who is she feeding? Even when shopping for clothes and make-up, who is she impressing?   So many of the purchases she makes, especially if she is a mother, will not be completely for her, so take into consideration those that are most important to her and she will appreciate your care and understanding.

Women likes to be a part of the whole process when it comes to making a purchasing decision.  Men tend to know what they want – they’re in, they’re out!  But with women, they like to understand their choices, their potential for a bargain, perhaps shop around a little more and certainly take into account their shopping environment.  Their experience will affect their purchasing decisions more than you think!

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