Here at the Female Friendly Offices, we get so excited when we hear of the attention that our businesses are getting.  Not just from the women who drive by, see the shield and go on in with the relief that they have found a business that will look after them, but also the attention that these businesses often get from the local media.

The Female Friendly Accredited businesses are encouraging women to not just feel at ease visiting their businesses, but we hope are part of the contributing factor that are making it more comfortable for women to increase in numbers in choosing to work in the many industries that have for so long been known as ‘male-dominated’.

There are so many women out there that genuinely have an interest (not to mention a real talent and skill) in occupations such as auto mechanics, electrical, truck driving and many other trades.   They are not only more than capable intellectually, but also physically as well.  Women can be perceived as the ‘weaker sex’ at times and unsuitable to accommodate much lifting or climbing, but I would challenge any man to spend a day juggling groceries, tired children and often a heavy pram that often needs to be folded down and thrown into the boot of a car with one hand whilst the other keeps hold of a little one on the run!  Women have the stamina and ability to keep going well after knock-off and any mother will tell you, the hours after the school bell has let out the children is often the beginning of the most  tiring part of the day.

Luckily, the world is a place now where the men in our lives, if we are lucky enough, are appreciating this more and more.  Men are more hands on at home than ever before running children to swimming lessons , helping with dinner and grabbing some groceries on the way home, and in return, this enables women to enjoy a working life with a lightened load.   Marriage when working as a team can work so well now,  giving so much relief to either in the partnership.   This then leaves us all with a more balanced lifestyle and a happier family.

Thank you to all the ‘male dominated’ businesses out there that welcome women into their industry and encourage the pioneering spirit that so many women embrace.   We are living in wonderful times and to see stories like this more and more often is a sign of relief, inspiration and open doors to all those young women of the future who now have a much broader choice of careers in industries that would have made our grandmothers, most probably, roll their eyes and pick up the smelling salts!