Well, it’s that time of the year again where it feels easier to curl up in a cosy bundle under the doona watching Friends reruns than keeping fit and healthy. But this is also the easiest time of the year for us to become sick, cranky and lazy. So instead of building up a 3 month rut, follow these easy steps to make it a great winter!


Stay active

It is proven keeping active during winter can boost our spirits, reduce stress levels, and improves sleep patterns. Not motivated to get out of that cosy bed? This is the perfect opportunity for you and your favourite gal pal to bond while fitting in your daily gossip session (which none of us can deny how much we love the “She said what?!” convos). Here’s a few of our ideas for a great workout:

1)      Get to your local gym – whether it’s Jennifer Aniston’s yoga body or Beyoncé’s booty you envy, there’s a class out there that your local gym provides to help you achieve your fitness goals.

2)      If the gym isn’t your scene, why not sort a killer playlist with motivating beats and dance around the house with your favourite gal pal! You can get fit while goofing around! Some of our favourite beats to listen to include Cup of Life (Ricky Martin. Come on, who doesn’t love this Latino??), Raining Diamonds (Ricki-Lee), Beautiful (Akon), and So What (P!nk).

3)      Kick start that workout with having a piece of fresh fruit or freshly squeezed juice 30mins before starting.


You are what you eat

Even though that sneaky Maccas run seems tempting at the time, it can easily become an unhealthy habit. Whether it is after-school runs, household duties, work commitments, or life generally getting the better of you there are always times where it seems too hard to put our health first. Here are a few tips to help you stay healthy and let’s be honest, keep you sane:

1)      Fresh is best – when it comes to consuming our recommended nutrient intake, it can sometimes be overwhelming when walking down the supermarket isles to select what is best. It can also be tempting to skip the fruit & veg section and run off to the confectionary isle (which we are all guilty of doing). However, there are a few things you can do to help get past these obstacles. Firstly, make a weekly meal plan (allowing for 1-2 days of the week with ‘naughty’ meals such as creamy pastas and pizza so you aren’t completely denying yourself of the yummy stuff!) and shopping list.

If you’re part of a family with kids, a great way to do this is Googling kids meals, selecting 10, then allowing your kids to choose 7 of them. This way they feel like they have some choice and will not rebel when it comes to dinner time.

Next, never go to the supermarket hungry as this will tempt you to make the wrong food choices (did you know hungry shoppers buy approximately 19% more food than non-hungry shoppers, including 31% high calorie snacks?).

With your shopping list, only purchase those items on the list and make sure you have your sweet fixes on the list, too, as this prevents you from spending half an hour deciding between apple pie or chocolate or both. Make sure you include fresh fruit and veg where possible, as this will ensure you have your recommended amounts.

The more often you eat healthy, the less it will feel like a chore and there are great healthy recipes out there to help motivate all you home Master Chefs out there. One of our favourites is Lauren Conrad’s site which provides quick and easy healthy meals you can’t resist!


2)      Up for a cuppa – there are numerous herbal teas which provide wonderful benefits for your body. Peppermint (stress, and digestive health), rosehip & hibiscus (Vitamin C, fatigue, and colds), chamomile (calming), and lemon balm (spirit lifting) are just a few of the great teas to try. Not only do these provide great health boosts, it also gives you a chance to take a moment to relax.


3)      Prepare in bulk –making large batches of spag bol, zucchini slice, lasagne, and homemade soup then freezing them in individual serves makes life that much easier when you find yourself so rushed it seems impossible to whip up a nutritious meal quickly.


Turn that frown upside down!

One of the easiest ways to beat the winter sad slump is staying positive. If you are surrounded by negative people, this will more than likely bring your mood down (and can also demotivate you from being active or healthy). Whether it’s surrounding yourself with positive thinkers, listening to music that makes you happy, reminding yourself of your accomplishments, or joining a relaxation group there are always ways we can keep our moods up. Winter is only the most dreaded season if you make it that!