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As more women are taking control over their own business destiny, this means that there are some secrets to learn. Whether you are just starting out or are hoping to fine tune the business that you have, there are some business practices that can come in handy.

We all want to have success in various levels of our lives. For some women that means having a family and the white picket fence and for other women, success comes in the form of a career that is on the fast track. For many women though there must be a balance between the two that incorporates a flexibility within their personal lives and a career that takes their talents into consideration. This leads to the fact that more and more women are doing it for themselves and taking the plunge to own their own businesses. So what are some of the best tips to make this transition a successful one?

Women CAN do it and should be confident in that the most important secret to running a successful women’s business is to be confident. If you don’t believe that you can do it, then nobody else will. This is an area where many will criticize you, but only if you open yourself up to that. If you exude confidence and show everyone beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can do this, then people will back off. You need to know in your heart and your head that success will be yours, and then from there you work to get the support that you need. This doesn’t come easily and it doesn’t always come quickly, but it does come with time.

Women are more powerful than they give themselves credit for. There are so many women out there that took the risk and started their own business. Sure there’s always the chance that you will fail, but you need to learn success tips from other women who have done it for themselves. The true pioneers were the ones who started their own business when nobody else thought it would be possible. Now women owned businesses are so common and there are some great support networks out there as a result of this trend. You can do it and you will do it, but you first have to believe in yourself to do it.  Take the plunge and find good support women who have done it and they will probably tell you that is the hardest step.

Some of the most helpful tips you can find come in the way of finding the courage to actually go out and start your own business. Once you have taken that big step, the rest is up to you and with some hard work and dedication you can do this. Success comes in many different forms, but if you are after success in this capacity you have to work for it. There are many women just like us who want it all and now they can have it with this new business model. Women are doing amazing things, particularly with small businesses. They are creating new ways of achieving success and it’s all because they believe in themselves. It’s important not to let your emotions or negative sentiments get in your own way. If you have confidence, work hard, have great passion for what you do and focus, then you will ultimately have success and create a small business that you can be quite proud of.


More and more businesses are starting to realize the power of women in their products and services. This means that a new trend has come up whereby women are the target of many different advertising and marketing campaigns.

Women are in control and that is the new news in town! When it comes to advertising and marketing efforts, more and more companies are realizing that they should be targeting women. Though it used to be slanted the other way, more products and services are coming out for just women. Even more intriguing than that is the fact the more mainstream products are now being targeted at women. So what has changed? What are more and more companies recognizing?

Women Are Making the Decisions

The truth is that women hold the power over many buying decisions across the board. This is due to several different trends for women overall. More women are staying single and living on their own longer. Alternatively more women hold power in their careers and this carries across to their personal lives as well. Adding to this dynamic is the fact that more women are making the buying decisions for their families and their households, even when there is a man present. So as companies perform very detailed market research, they are finding all of these trends and picking up on the fact that more women are in control at the cash register.

This is vital information for a company to have. It means that companies need to really target women more in their advertising and marketing efforts. They must understand the reasons that women hold the power and then adapt their campaigns accordingly. This will reach their target and more importantly draw in the women to buy their products. If a company continues to target men, they are not only missing the mark but they are also risking potential business in the future.

Brand Loyalty Starts Here

What’s also important for a company to recognize is that women are inherently loyal to the brands that they like. If they have a good customer service experience or if they love a product, they will stick with it and tell their friends. The very opposite can be true with a negative product experience and therefore companies must recognize just how much power women have.

 If done properly, the marketing and advertising campaigns can be subtle in their approach but have a very direct target towards the women who will buy the products. This takes some practice, but knowing that women are in power to buy the products these days makes the work well worth it in the end. This is just another way to show that women have gained some much deserved power when it comes to business practices!

If you haven’t noticed lately, there are some great women accomplishing some great things. This is something to make us all feel proud to be women and well worth celebrating.

It’s time to celebrate women! Though women have certainly been accomplishing great things for years, they are just amazing right now. There is a great deal of attention being paid to the women that are getting to the top of their game, and this is great news. Women are holding positions that they never did before and doing things that many never thought possible.

Is There Any Limit?

What’s next for women? The first and most important thing is for women everywhere to ban together and feel a sense of unity. Women are holding great political positions and they are being celebrated as successful CEO’s of powerful companies. The phrase “girl power” is being given new meaning and women are just pushing it to the next level. There is no such thing as limits anymore because women can do it all.

The problem with this is that sometimes women get jealous of each other. Rather than getting caught up in that counteractive emotion, it is well worth celebrating. Women have some pretty remarkable accomplishments and these are something to be proud of. Women need to borrow from other chapters of life and use these as fuel to create unity and harmony. When you think of the limitations put on women just years ago, these accomplishments are miraculous.

We Must Envision What’s Next

Those women that are doing great things got there because they had vision and commitment. Women can accomplish anything that they want to, but they just have to be committed to make it happen. They must be able to see themselves in the powerful roles and work to make it happen. There is no limit to the accomplishments that women can undertake, but it has to start somewhere. We are great creatures and with unity, we can accomplish a great deal.

Though we think that there may not be anything further left for us to accomplish, there is always something new or different. Rather than sitting back on your laurels, think about what could be next for you. Think of what accomplishments you would like to see within your life. If you are happy and content with where you are at, then celebrate that. If there is  more that you want, then push yourself to get there. Women no longer have to be held back or pushed away, they are doing great things. We need to learn from these great examples and amazing pioneers and work to do the same ourselves. It’s not always easy and it’s sometimes the road less traveled, but it will almost always lead to great accomplishments. Use what you hear from other women as your own motivation and find what you feel will make you feel successful. If nothing else, work as a great example to other women around you. This is the time in our lives for “girl power”—and we should embrace it!


Though we know that part of being a woman is balancing it all, we don’t often stop to think about what that means. In a given day we may be forced to wear many different hats, and we must work at being successful at all of the various roles.

There are some women who may skate through life only handling one main responsibility. This is not the norm because for the rest of us we have many different roles that we must handle. This grows exponentially once we enter the workforce, once we get married, have children, and even more so if we take on owning our own business. No matter what your lot in life, there are sure to be many roles that you must handle and you must handle them successfully. This can be a great balance for any woman and that’s why we must help each other!

Women have a great deal of things to balance and sometimes we don’t stop to think about that. The vision of perfection doesn’t exist though we’d like to think that it does. We are all so busy trying to work towards perfection as that’s what we think we’re supposed to do, and we often don’t realize just how many roles we are handling. We are juggling being wives, mothers, daughters, workers, business owners, friends, and so much more. That’s a lot for anybody and yet we put such pressure on ourselves to handle everything with great success and with ease.

Perhaps we should be a little easier on ourselves, but that’s just not how we’re built as women. We are told from an early age that we can have it all and we want to work for it, no matter what that takes. We likely had some great inspiration at some point in our lives, whether it was our own mother or perhaps just a mentor. We have seen women handling various roles for years and now it’s our time. We can do it all and handle each role with great success, but we do need to take a breathe every once in awhile too.

The roles that women handle are tremendous and they are so very important. We are shaping our own careers, shaping the lives of our children, and also trying to take on the world all at once. All the while we are expected to do this with great success, little complaint, and still looking good while we do it. The truth is that it can be done, but we must cut ourselves some slack sometimes. We must take time for ourselves, learn to enjoy life a bit, and learn that sometimes with success comes a bit of failure too. Yes we are women and we can balance it all and we can handle all of the roles with great success—but sometimes maybe we should relax a bit and put a little less pressure on ourselves!

Women As Small Business Owners

It is amazing how many women have turned their passions into successful careers. Though being a small business owner isn’t always easy it’s quite rewarding and women are really turning this into a wonderful trend.

It wasn’t that long ago that women were only homemakers. When we think back on these times, women were so limited and were pretty much told what their roles would be. There was no area of grey about it because the careers that women held were simply that of homemakers. Somewhere along the way, women evolved into career driven individuals and the rest is history. There are however some women who want to make it all work for themselves and that is why we see so many women small business owners evolving.

A Growing Number of Women as Small Business Owners

There are a number of reasons why women are becoming the majority of small business owners. Some women find that this is a great way to be home with their children and still run a business. Some women find that this allows for an income and yet is a great way to balance a family at the same time. Some women just get tired of the whole corporate game and therefore want something different that allows them to feel passion for what they do. Whatever the reason, women are making great success stories out of their desire to work for themselves.

Women are focusing in on the things that they feel passion for in their lives. Perhaps there is a hobby that they love, something that they enjoy doing in their free time, or even something that they feel makes for a great business concept. They are taking the concepts and lessons that they’ve learned in their corporate jobs and turning that into the fuel that it takes to run a small business. This is a genius concept and with some hard work and dedication, this makes for a successful way of creating a successful small business overall.

They Have Great Motivation and Reasons to Succeed

Women always feel the pressure in whatever they do. When it comes to being small business owners, they feel the pressure to succeed more so than anybody else. They see the looks of uncertainty from others and this helps to serve as the passion and motivation that they need to be successful. There are so many wonderful women out there serving successfully in small business owner roles, and this may be just the motivation that we all need to keep it going.

Running your own business takes great dedication and commitment, as well as motivation. Let the disapproving looks serve as your spark to get you going and then run with it. Let the many small business owners out there that are doing it work as the motivation you need to dive right in and make it work for you. This is a balancing act, but what in our lives isn’t?  Women can truly do great things when they put their minds to it and in this instance, running a small business with great passion and diligence can turn into a successful little empire.

Women are always told to try harder, to be more than they are, or to improve upon some aspect of their lives. Though it’s always good to work at improvement, sometimes you need to accept and love who you are as an individual.

Women struggle with their identity, sometimes throughout their whole lives. It’s hard to know and accept who we are and what we wish to be. Though we may find success in one area we can’t find acceptance if we don’t achieve 100% satisfaction in all aspects of our lives. This is a constant struggle that so many of us face and at the end of the day it’s about being happy with who you are and finding love with the individual that you have become.

Love Who You Are, Whoever That May Be

You may not be perfect by somebody else’s standards, but why aren’t you following your own? We make the mistake of listening to what somebody else envisions as “perfection” rather than setting our own vision. Women are often their worst critics because we focus too much on what we should be or what we wish we were. Instead of focusing so much attention on that, perhaps we should practice acceptance and love the women that we are.

You may not be thinner, smarter, prettier, or more successful than your friend. You may not be able to run a marathon or sew a button, but is that really your measure of success? We as women could be so much happier if we would just love ourselves and the accomplishments that we have. Rather than focusing on what we are not perhaps it’s more beneficial to focus on what we are.

Many Elements Define Our Identity

We are defined by so many different elements of our identity. We are women first and foremost, but we have special talents and contributions within each of us. We have something that nobody else has. We have a great personality, a successful career, a beautiful family—there is something that we can be happy with and can cause us to love ourselves. This can be a hard lesson for many women because we are taught to work harder or to measure ourselves by what we aren’t rather than by what we are.

Change this trend and learn acceptance. Accept who you are, right and wrong, for the perfections and the imperfections. You are the only version of you and if as women we can learn to love all that this stands for, then we are truly successful in our lives. Though we may have always measured ourselves by the things we wish we were better at, being happy means embracing the identity that you have created for yourself. Be one of those women who truly loves yourself and show it off to the world. This is something remarkable in and of itself and it will impress people with the confidence and self love that it exudes. Be one of the women who shows that she loves who she is and what she stands for, and perhaps others will take cues from you!


As women, we work hard to achieve the life that we want or envision in our heads. Though there is no such thing as perfection, we are often striving for it and working to achieve it. When we look to celebrities, we are swooned and somehow taken to a world that is different than ours. So what is it about Hollywood celebrities that have us thinking of a better life?

Celebrities Transport Women to a Different and Easier Life

We take care of all the details and work hard, often without much reward. Therefore when we look at an icon such as Elizabeth Taylor and think of the life that we lead, we somehow wished that we had that for ourselves. Though she had her fair share of misery and even pain, she was gorgeous and seemed to have it all. With her passing, we feel that sense of loss and long for the easy life that she must have lived (a lot of us have hardship like hers also, but we look at the glamorous way she was able to afford to deal with it!). Though we love our families and lovingly take on the tasks that are necessary to support them, we still think of what life might be like if we were in fact a celebrity.

We may not have ever seen a movie with Elizabeth Taylor and perhaps we hadn’t even seen an interview with the icon for years. However there was something about her that portrayed such beauty, such grace, and such a life that we wish we could lead. It’s not that we are not grateful or would trade anything in our own lives, but as women we can daydream about what it would be like to be an icon such as Elizabeth Taylor.

Reflecting on How Celebrities Shape Our Own Lives

You may have always admired her or others like her, but you may not have known why. Women carry a heavy load and care for many people in their lives. Perhaps when we reflect on a legend such as Elizabeth Taylor it is because we see an easier and perhaps better life. Perhaps it is because we can stop the dusting and the cooking for just a minute to reflect on a life that must have been so much more glamorous. Perhaps we just admired her for the career that she had or how beautiful she embodied being a woman. Whatever the reason we stop to think about how much of an impact Elizabeth Taylor and the whole concept of celebrities shape our life and our perceptions.

Even if you weren’t a follower of Elizabeth Taylor, you undoubtedly felt the impact when you heard the news of her passing. No matter where in the world we come from or what we do for a living, we are all women. We all appreciate the lives that we have and we are all somehow, some days, are impacted by dreams for a better life. Women generally don’t rest on their laurels, and therefore they work that much harder to get a better life for themselves and their families. Perhaps when we think about the passing of Elizabeth Taylor and we are honest about how this shapes our life, we can say that it inspires and motivates us. If nothing else it gives us something to daydream about and allows us to take a break from our otherwise busy life for just a moment. We will miss this icon and all that she represented in Hollywood and in our own lives!

>Into 2011 we find ourselves frazzled from the holidays and actually glad to get back into routine. A fresh year and a fresh start. The possibilities of this year should get you very excited. Unpredictability can certainly throw us off course but it can also turn our lives around to where we want to be. A saying I heard recently made me think. ‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans’…’But if you REALLY want to crack him up laughing, tell him HOW you intend to do it’.

I am all for goal setting. I believe it is the most important mind petrol we can put in our tank. It gives us direction, motivation and sets in motion the realisation of our dreams… and then, in turn, our reality. Just keep in mind though, despite the most concrete and best laid plans, things happen along the way that you may not be ready for. Some disguise themselves and huge problems and changes that, in the end, turn out to be all for the best. Other things can come along just when you hit rock bottom (of course, the only way is up then anyway right?). These things not only give you the sign that makes you realise ‘everything is going to be ok’ but they also keep you on track when you are about to brake, pull over, get out and walk away.

So this year, don’t worry about all the potential problems that could arise. Remember, 90% of the things we worry about never happen. Just think and focus on the possibilities and live with the mindset that knows, and will recognise, all the amazing opportunities and circumstances that come along.

To get what you want out of life, create the habit of a positive attitude and enjoy watching the success and happiness that comes your way.

6 Steps to a Positive Life

1. Take passionate action towards living your life. Remember, passion and positive attitude are contagious so you are likely to attract some like minded people who surround you and keep you sailing along with a smile.

2. Remember small, positive daily habits compound every day which eventually lead you to the life you live. Read ‘The Compound Effect’ by Darren Hardy ( and learn how to achieve the big goals you want and can achieve by dissolving the overwhelming feeling of so much to make happen.

3. Believe that each moment is perfect regardless of its outcome. Remember, everything happens for a reason AND in perfect timing. Good can come from everything, no matter how bad it may be at the time. Keep strong, gain strength and use it to become even more determined! Do you really think that life will cruise along without any hiccups ever? If you look at who you are, the bumps along the way have helped you grow as a person more than all the times we simply sat and ate ice cream and played on the beach!

4. Be grateful. Just practice this. Next time life seems to be crumbling down around your ears, stop. Count at least five things you are grateful for and feel your energy change straight away. It could be something as simply as your good eyesight, your dog, your ability to drive a car, maybe that million dollars you won in lotto last week…..seriously, even be grateful for all the things that are about to happen. Just because you haven’t ‘lived them’ yet, know that they ARE coming!

5. Keep a sense of humour. Learn to laugh and this will create a positive attitude. Don’t take life too seriously. It can become exhausting. Most things are a matter of perspective so confide in a friend that will get mad with you, cry with you then get the funny movie and chocolate out for you. Life is short and stress will make you unwell (causing more bumps on the road). You’ll be so much more attractive with a sense of humour and the ability to laugh away any unhappy or awkward moments. Like all positive dispositions, the people around you will appreciate it too!

6. Life is not what you do, it’s who you are. It’s not what happens to us, it’s how we respond to each situation. Your life is a blank page and you hold the pen. Doesn’t that make you smile? All those blank pages to write? Just remember, most importantly, to get those coloured crayons out every now and again and play!

>It’s amazing to think that it is November 2010 already! As I’ve said, Father Christmas is coming any day now and the shopping centres are all getting ready to fill up their tills with the money from women everywhere who are already getting a start on present-getting. Sure, with Christmas coming, sales increase because you can offer things now that will make great gifts. Keep in mind though, you are not only competing with other businesses but also on-line shopping this year. So, how can you be sure that you are ready as this powerful demographic of spenders gets ready to walk through your door? Here are some tips that might help you out….

How to Sell to Women

1. Do Not Assume that if a woman appears a little scruffy that she does not have the money to purchase anything of too much value. She could simply be in the middle of school-holiday-meltdown or be purposely underdressed so as not to be pressured unnecessarily on her visit. Simply smile and let her know you are there to answer any questions she might have.

2. Keep yourself presentable and approachable. Dress professionally and if possible wear/model what you are selling. I was in a store recently and a lady has a gorgeous dress on from that store. “I know”, she said “but this was last season and no longer available”….Aaargh!

3. This can be the case in other industry’s. Don’t tell the customer that you personally own “a particular item” and its great. Too bad you don’t stock that item anymore. Grrrr! It’s as bad as telling a customer that what they are looking for happened to be at a sale price… and that the sale finished YESTERDAY!!

4. Be eye-catching and creative. Women appreciate interesting styles of advertising. Approach all women as you would men, knowing they are just as intelligent and many are heads of households or businesses. Women cannot be placed in stereotypical roles when you are advertising. The mother with the pram may be the CEO of a company or that lady in the ugg boots with no make-up may have the day off due to a sore foot and be out looking for a new car!

5. Do not appear intimidating, threatening or uninterested when women approach you for business. A wrong attitude could cost you a sale or client. Never underestimate the sharp intuition of a women and their quick ability to subconsciously read body language in an instant!

I hope that some of these ideas help you in this busy season. Try not to lose perspective during this hectic time of year. Don’t roll your eyes when another customer comes in the door at your busiest moment. Just think, your eyes will roll a lot more if the customers leave you alone, like you might be secretly wishing, at that moment. Just remember, its only November…. practice for the even crazier upcoming December!

>It’s amazing to think that it is November 2010 already! Father Christmas is coming any day now and the shopping centres are all getting ready to hit us with their best gift ideas, stocking fillers and have-to-haves for under the tree.

It’s a good time to think about preparing for the season and the holidays which will be here before you know it!

Christmas shopping…

According to a recent study by Roy Morgan Research, around 60 per cent of Australians dislike Christmas shopping, just 20 per cent plan their shopping expeditions, and the majority of us (nearly 75 per cent) often come home without a single purchase for our efforts. Stress reduction strategies for successful Christmas shopping include:
• Make a list of all the gifts you wish to buy before you go shopping. If you wait for inspiration to strike, you could be wandering aimlessly around the shopping centre for hours.
• Buy a few extras, such as chocolates, just in case you forget somebody or you have unexpected guests bearing gifts.
• If possible, do your Christmas shopping early – in the first week of December or even in November (that means start NOW girls!!). Some well-organised people do their Christmas shopping gradually over the course of the year, starting with the post-Christmas sales.
• Keep a Christmas list on you all the time as you may see lovely gifts when popping to a chemist one night!
Part info taken from Better Health Channel

Try not to fall for the classic sales speels that are said. “This is the last one”…”It goes back to full price tomorrow”…”I can’t hold it, you have to take it now”.. Keep in mind the stores are all competing for your business and they are also competing with on-line shopping this year more than ever. This is good news as competition means more bargains for you and hopefully better customer service than ever. Bargains are everywhere but watch out for your spending as these may be bargains but they STILL cost money!!

Let us know of any business that treats you well despite the hectic season so we can contact them for recognition and Female Friendly™ Accreditation. There are women everywhere looking for some happy salespeople this time of year to relieve the pressure of shopping and services. Start now so your nearly done before school holidays begin and the last minute rush starts. This will help you to enjoy Christmas and hopefully relieve some of the pressure that builds before Christmas Morning!
And for all those parents out there, on behalf of your children, I want to ask that you sneak them out of school one day before the crowded holidays and spend a day in the city visiting Father Christmas making memories that they, or you, will cherish forever. Those little faces won’t always light up when they see funny mirrors, fairy floss, elves or twinkly lights and before you know it they will be all grown up and ‘too cool’ to stand for a photo with a giant rocking horse! So take the time to look into the faces of loved ones as the silly season starts and don’t let the shopping bug distract you from what Christmas is all about!